Admission & Settling In

The nursery is registered to provide:

  • 12 full time places from 6 months up to 18 months (Pink Room)
  • 8 full time places from 16 months up to 2 years (Red Room)
  • 8 full time places from 2 years up to 2 years 8 months (Yellow Room)
  • 19 full time places from 2 years 6 months up to 3 years 6 months (Green Room)
  • 20 full time places from 3 years 6 months up to 5 years (Blue Room)

Admissions Procedure

It is our policy to offer all children between the age range of 0 – 5 years, an equal opportunity in admission to our nursery. The individual needs of each child will be assessed from the details given in the completed Admission Form (see attached).

What shall we bring?

Parents are requested to provide for their child the following items:

  • A bag clearly labelled with your child’s name with a change of clothing (full change of clothing is required).
  • Spare shoes (or shoes that can be cleaned easily, e.g. Crocs) if your child is toilet training.
  • Nappy cream if you have a particular requirement.
  • Suitable shoes, coat and hat for outside play.
  • Summer hat and sun screen during the summer months.

All children will be assigned their own pegs to store their items, which will be clearly labelled and with a photo of your child.

Each child will also have a ‘pigeon hole’ outside their classroom where you will receive correspondence, information, invoices, etc from the setting and/or from other parents.

Please ensure you check this on a regular basis.

Induction, Settling In and Transitions

All children will experience some anxiety when first being left in a new environment. Some children will adapt very quickly and without too much distress. However, others will take a lot longer and will need more comfort and support. It is therefore very important that children are given as much time as they need to settle in before being left at the nursery for a long period of time. Most of all we want your child to be happy.

When initially settling a new child into the nursery, the setting work in conjunction with the parents to devise the best induction programme that will help both the child, and their parents become confident with the nursery routines and familiar with the staff. Photos of the child and the key person are displayed throughout the setting. Parents of the child settling in are also encouraged to bring in family photos, hopefully easing the transition of settling-in to a new environment.

The ‘settling in’ procedure is conducted over three days prior to the child’s start date, where the child, alongside the parent, attends induction visits to help familiarise with staff, children and the environment to ease the transition of joining a new setting. This will also provide the opportunity for staff to find out about your child, their likes, dislikes, and gather information to help the child settle at nursery. Each induction visit will be discussed with the parent/guardian, taking into account the individual needs of the child. An initial meeting will be arranged with your child’s key person to discuss your child’s needs, any family matters pertinent to their care and to address any concerns you may have.
Before a child is due to move up between rooms, the key person will show them the room and host a number of inductions, slowly building up the amount of time they spend in the room.

We also prepare the older children for starting school by working with the local schools, as well as planning for the topic of ‘Moving up to Big School’ with the preschool children during the summer.

Download Admission Form