Illness and Accidents:

If your child is taking prescribed medicines we shall require your written authorisation to administer these medicines to your child each time. Infectious and notifiable diseases must be advised immediately and a child must be kept away from the nursery until the symptoms have cleared. (If you are in doubt please ask the office). If a child is prescribed antibiotics they must remain away from the nursery for the first 48 hours.

Accidents will be recorded on an Accident form, which parents/guardians will be required to sign on collection of their child. Any serious accidents will be dealt with on an emergency procedure basis.

Open-door Policy:

Purley day Nursery operates an ‘open-door’ policy with regard to discussing any concerns with parents and we are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about a child or the care that they receive.

The Nursery also keep parents and carers updated with regular newsletters detailing events within the nursery. Questionnaires are sent out which enable the Nursery to evaluate the services it provide for parents, carers and children at the Nursery.

We want to ensure that you have every opportunity to contact us whenever you need to via telephone, e-mail or online, face-to-face at open days, parent evenings and at the nursery.

Child protection:

It is the responsibility of the staff to report to the management any concerns they may have regarding the well-being of the children in their care. It is the responsibility of the management to report these findings to the appropriate authority if so required.


Following our ‘open door’ policy with parents, any concerns, suggestions or recommendations can be discussed with a member of management at a mutually convenient time by telephoning 0208 645 0105, or email:

If a concern needs to be dealt with on an urgent basis, we recommend contacting the manager directly.

To look at these policies in more detail, and for all other procedures, please refer to the Nursery’s parents’ copy of the Policies & Procedures Handbook available on request, and also located in the lobby area at the entrance of the Nursery.